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Zhou Cang Cultural Park (National AAA-Level Tourist Attraction)
Issue time:2021-09-27

Zhoucang Cultural Park is located in Xiqi village, Buguan Township, adjacent to Zhongtiao Mountain in the north and Yellow River water in the south. It is easily accessible with the distance of 7.1km away from Pinglu county and 15km from Sanmenxia City. Zhou Cang, one of the Seven Sages in Pinglu County, was born in Xiqi village, Buguan township. In all his life, Zhou Cang followed Guan Yu and made great achievements. After losing the battle at Maicheng, he chose to die with Guanyu and committed the suicide to show the loyalty.  There produces many idioms and allusions in history to describe Zhou Cang: being upright; Zhou Cang splitting the valley; Zhou Cang carrying the horse; going to fight alone, and capturing Pangde alive, etc. The "loyalty and courage" in Zhoucang is in line with Guan Yu's "loyalty, righteousness, benevolence and courage" , which are important cultural elements for shaping a Yuncheng with Honest and Integrity. Relying on the advantages of Zhoucang's cultural resource endowment, Buguan Township actively integrates into the Yellow River Plate and Zhongtiaoshan plate of Yuncheng city's global tourism to create a Cultural Palace with socialist core values of "patriotism, integrity, professionalism and friendliness". The construction of Zhoucang Cultural Park has promoted cultural exchange and inheritance, further promoted industrial transformation, realized the integrated development of primary and tertiary industries, culture, tourism and agriculture, and injected vitality and power into the high-quality development of county economy.