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Issue time:2021-10-22

Maquangou is located in the eastern part of Podi Township, Pinglu County. Due to its location in the mountainous area, the per capita arable land is small and the land is barren. There are 42 households with 136 people. The high mountains, hills, ravines and rivers in the village are undulating and crisscross. The original ecology is reserved well with the natural landscape of more than 10,000 acres of red leaves and the forest coverage rate of over 80%. The cultural landscape includes persimmon hanging, agritainment, persimmon culture, native products, delicacy in the mountains, and historical and cultural relics. In recent years, Maquangou is developed as tourism scenic spots for visitors to hike in the mountain, breathe the fresh air, taste the organic foods in there, watch the red leaves, and enjoy the ecological leisure, entertainment and health, thanks to the beautiful natural sceneries as follow: in spring, the blooming  flowers in the mountains weave a charming scenery; in summer, the lush trees make it a “natural oxygen bar”; in autumn, the mountains are covered with layers of red leaves as if it is dyed; in winter, it is livable for people to keep good health with typical sightseeing at the northern part of China.