The People's Government of YunCheng City
National Intangible Cultural Heritage - Yongle Peach Wood Carving
Issue time:2021-09-13

Peach wood is dense and delicate with wood fragrance. For thousands of years, it has been said to keep away evil spirits and secure house. People are used to carrying a peach wood mascot that is opened the light by the Taoist priest, or hang it in the studies, restaurants, shops to show to be auspicious and luckiness and fortune.

Ruicheng is the hometown of Lyu Dongbin. People believe that the first ancestor of Taoism -- Lyu Dongbin produces the most spiritual peach wood mascot. Therefore, Ruicheng has a long history of peach carving and is very famous. Peach wood carving process is complex requiring more than 20 processes: material selection, cutting, cutting stock, soak, material sealing, drying, material selection, modeling design, drawing, exquisite carving, polishing, buffing, acceptance, cinnabar oil immersion, opening the light, etc. Different works and patterns require different cutters and techniques and follow the Taoist production requirements. It strictly conduct ceremony rite and then choose the auspicious date to start. The achieved products will be moistened with cinnabar oil. There are twelve series of works including sword, idol, seal, mascot, calligraphy and painting, etc. The color and lustre of the work is soft and the scale accords with the requirement. The proportion is harmonious, the sculpture is delicate and lifelike which is so welcome by the public.