The People's Government of YunCheng City
Issue time:2021-09-04

Shun(), whose family name was Yao and given name was Chonghua, was also known as Yu Shun in history.

He lived in the southern part of Shanxi Province. He was the leader of a tribal alliance called Shun in the late primitive society. He has made great achievements, but the most touching thing was his loyalty and kindness. Shun lost his mother when he was young, and was discriminated and insulted by his stepmother and brother. However, Shun was still filial to his father and stepmother, and could get along well with his brother. Yao appreciated his broad mind. He let his two daughters E Huang and Nü Ying marry with Shun. After Shun became the emperor, he went to the south to inspect and died on the way.

Emperor Shun was the originator of moral culture, and Shun culture was moral culture. According to Historical Records, “The world’s virtue begins from Shun.”

The soul of Emperor Shun’s cultural spirit can be called “morality first, indoctrination foremost”. Shun culture marked the turning period from barbarism to civilization. Emperor Yan culture with farming culture as its connotation, Emperor Huang culture with regime culture as its connotation and Shun culture with moral culture as its connotation constitute three milestones of Chinese culture.